your words as warming as the fire
on a cold winter day
from my heart they spread
to the very tips of my fingers

the feel of your hand upon mine
when the tears streak my face
it comforts me most in this time
when i am fragile and prone to crumble

you picked up my pieces
glued me back together
thank you, friend.

Four Years, Try Again

leader, peasant, and knight
unite as one
to win the fight of nations past, present, and to come

peasants and knights rebel
fire fills the world, for undesirable war rages on
a leader without prudence is the monster of ignorance

fate, chance, and destiny are given
much to be done, no
much to try, nada

for the leader is, was, and will forever be
the spitting image of its people
four years pass, and again it occurs

you did it america
on your accord
four more years, try again.

Racist Love

the hue of his skin
the cause of our fight
the radiance of it
you're racist against the light

the spectrum is full
of these beautiful colors
yet you chose one
the one of your own skin

my life is my own
you may control me now
the smallest aspects of my life
but i follow the path of love

the winding path i follow
has led me places i'd never known
heartbreak, pain, pleasure, love
it has made me who i am

i landed on his love
his brilliance and affection
the choice wasn't mine
the die had been rolled

i follow the path
it guides me on my journey
yet you refuse to see him
in all his gloriousness

your own fucking skin tone
poisons humanity
kills the innocent and preys on the weak

your skin tone
defiles the world
and encourages that
which is impure

your'e white
just as i am
yet you poison
the purest of love

he's black
but he loves me
more than you
could ever.

Esperanza Forgotten

i hoped to see a day of great peace in the world
my name means hope, they say
but creatively swirled

i hope to hear my name
ring from the mouths of many
in hopes of fame
and nothing will become any

hope has become begotten
let this phrase ring
Esperanza Forgotten.


what is it that i crave
more and more
each day
each moment

is it the electricity
that spreads through
every single cell
of my body

is it the chill
that runs from his fingers
along my skin

is it the warmth
that the looming gaze brings
to my cheeks
and then flushes across my skin

what is this craving
i can't get enough
this unshakable desire
for him

only one option remains
it encompasses all else
brings clarity to this want
for him

love as pure
as the sheep
in a pack of wolves

love as pure
as the summer rain
after a long period
of drought

it's his love
i crave it most
more each day
and more each moment

i desire his love
for now until forever
or, at least,
until i reach my grave.

Quirky Dears

my friend is queer
but do i really care something so dear but not even a hair queer is okay hatred is not how do you feel when you're being haught i love my best friend quirks or not she is my dear  which will never be forgot.


his tender hands
which touch me
tingles slip down my spine

his kisses
upon my bare skin
goose bumps forming

his brown eyes
which look through me
into the depths of my soul

his hair
which i stroke
brings feelings which i have forgot

his love
which fills me
brings me joy in this dark place.