Single Flower

i turned on my side and i thought i smelled you
i opened my eyes as i came to
you were not here but what did i smell
flower for me, i couldn't tell
i looked at the card, the signature had said,
forever and always, my love you will be
you were gone, but here
your heart rests in my hand
i'll love you forever, and always you'll be
the love of my live, my eternity.

Lover Please Stay

my thoughts
manifestations of worry and doubt

my actions
an attempt to prevent disaster

my love
undying like the oceans tide

please stay, lover
like the skin on my bones

like the air
surrounding us with life

like the sensations
beneath my fingertips as i caress your skin

please stay, lover
stay despite my flaws.

Flying High

we were high
then the world around began to rumble
are we all about to die
everything near began to crumble

the humans here and the humans there
suddenly there was a flash
the world seemed to lose its air
and suddenly the world we knew began to crash

this world we know has come to an end
in all its glory and fame
all we needed was a simple friend
god even told us it was no joke or game

and now as we lay in ruin wondering what we could do
the devil surely has come to.

The Man In The Alley

there once was a man named david or dave
one day his mother had died
his mother had said he wouldn't behave
and david did nothing but cry

he began to become recluse
as his late mother would say
a screw of his had come loose
on that very dreadful day

no more was david a nice, friendly man
or a human at the most
but instead a monster, joining a deathly clan
turning people his mother knew into toast

david the violent, the crazy and mad
hid in the alleys in the street of New
no one could know the thoughts he had
as he shot himself right on cue

david, the man in the alley, my friend
drove himself to a crazy, definite end.

Scarred Wists

all this time you wasted
staring at my wrists
didn't you think to look farther
my shoulders, thighs, stomach, and calves
you should have looked closer
at those scars that i had
knives and razors
blood and gore
never ever ignore
a girl with scarred wrists.


my life
is filled with worries and care for someone i hold dearly
his lips upon mine, soft and inviting remind me i am loved
but why why do i deserve this undying affection or his physical manifestation of love
i don't deserve it he's perfect, beyond my reach yet he loves me
i feel it deep down in my bones its beat rapid, flutters just under my chest
heart it breathes with emotion confused and in love
i love him so much i burns deep down in the put of my stomach but i don't deserve him.

Broken and Bent

underneath that starlit sky
are many men awaiting a lie
hatred is here
and love is surreal
the broken and souls can never heal
your heart is cold
and your eyes shine red
you are bent, not broken
put that thought in your head.

i am bent
not broken or dead
but i lent my heart
to someone who said
"i hate you my darling"
with that lie in my head
i joined the broken
the scarred and the dead.