Mors Familiae

The cold of winter had been cutting through her all day. Shivering, she opens the door to the house. The screams were the first thing she noticed. There were no words to describe the anger she felt rise through her. Running to the bathroom, she found her father bent over a lifeless body. Sharice lay in the murky red water.
    Her father sent a lash across her face. Her ears began to rang and her vision went blurry. This was all their fault. Her parents had ruined the only true family she had left. Their actions had been heinous. She knew her actions had contradicted her intent. Yet, what was she supposed to do? Steal her sister away from the family home?
    No, she knew what it was. She had to kill those who had murdered her sister. Her parents were next, and she knew she had to get revenge.

Winter Is

winter is a time of sadness
cold snow can't wash it away
winter is a time of loss
icy roads create disaster

winter is a time of pain
holidays can't take it away
winter is a time of joy
christmas cheer and the new year

winter is a time of thanks
be thankful for all you have
winter is a time of giving
give to those you love and those without much

winter has diverse meaning
winter is sadness and joy
winter is loss and thanks
winer is pain and giving.

The Memories of a Depressed Woman

She walks to the front door and takes a deep breath. "Today WILL be a good day", she whispers to herself. Her hand shakes as she turns the knob, but she gathers enough courage to walk through the door. There are people everywhere and she has no clue where to go. She needs to find Storm; she needs to fit in. She walks aimlessly, running into people unintentionally, knowing she can spot his light brown hair from anywhere. "Where is he?" she asks quietly. She spots him and gets closer. His arm is around another girl. That was the same arm that once held her closely and caressed her face gently. This was the arm that won basketball games and could give her a sense of security. She was taken aback, what is he doing? He seems to look at her but then smiles at the girl in his arms. He tickles her side like he used to do to her. She was angry; she reached out to touch the girl but someone knocked her back. She got up and slowly reached out to Storm. When she touched him, …

Obsolescence of the Soul


my tears
acid from my eyes burns from my skin as i cry
my heart a steed in a race fast as a drum beats inside
my brain a roundabout on a playground spinning out of control thoughts unheard